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Coming Events

Event #3 Ladies Division II 9 ball qualifier for 2018 Coupe de Quebec pro 10 ball event.
Saturday July 14th, 2018 Venue to be determined.


Open Pro Division 10 Ball launched by NAPT.  The CWPT will be sending out invites to our selected pro players here in Ontario, and Quebec.  For those of you interested in playing in the first invitational open division 10 ball event, please contact me at
Please go to our Facebook page cwpt to view the release letter of the event coming up in September 2018.

Cue Deals

Check out for what promises to be the perfect cue for you.  Just ask April Larson at

Tournament Winners

On Saturday June 9th, 2018 the J Pechauer CWPT made it's debut to Strokers Billiards & Other Diversions.  The field was small and we had hoped for may amateurs to show up to play.  However, there seems to be some confusion.  The CWPT is not only a women's tour, it is for all amateurs ranked 6, and under defined by CPA, TAP, VNEA.  Eventually we will get all players ranked through the fargo rating system, that way all players will know where they stand.  Visit
At this time, we would like to announce the winners of the event we had in London, ON.  The Division III event had 12 players arrive ready to square up against one another, and it was nice to see some new faces out, as well as some old ones too.  
First place - Tyler Terashita $150
Second Place - Spencer Medel $100
Third Place - Rob Desutter $50

The Division II ladies 9 ball qualifier had five ladies show up to compete head to head to earn a chance to compete at this years  Summer 10 ball Classic, which is to be held in GraysLake, IL, USA.
Unfortunately, we would love to be able to send more of our ladies to higher caliber events, we are not able to unless we receive some much needed extra sponsorship funds.  So with that saying, we would like to congratulate Krista Walsh of Burlington, ON who will be competing against some of North America's top ranked Pro & semi pro players.  Best of luck Krista!

The J Pechauer CWPT is happy to announce that Krista (Kickshot) Walsh of Burlington ON was our season opener winner at Michelle's Billiards in Whitby, ON.  While 2nd place went to Sasha Talia (Happy Feet) Cotichini of Mississauga, ON, and 3rd place went to Eveleyn Turner from North Bay, ON.
Congratulations ladies!


Is this tour only for women?

No- we offer a side by side Division III 8 Ball event maximized to suite all amateur skill level players ranked 6 or below.  
Can juniors play?
Yes - All juniors play free.
I'm only a skill level 2, I'm not good enough, but can I still play?
Absolutely- We encourage all skill level 2's and above to come out and play for free.  A CWPT membership of $25.00 is in effect though.
Where are the CWPT events being played out of?
All our events will be hosted at any billiard hall that has 9 tables or more to suit all division II & III players.
What is Division II & III?

Division II is strictly for women who play 9 ball who wish to advance they're career from amateur to semi pro status.  While Division III is only for amateur 8 ball players to come out, and have a fun filled day while supporting your local pool room, and friends.
How much are the events?
Ranging from different skill levels;
2's play free, 3's pay $20.00, 4's pay $25.00, 5's pay $30.00, 6's pay $35.00.
How much is a membership?

All players are required to pay $25.00 CWPT yearly membership.  
The NAPT membership is optional at $20.00 U.S funds.